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Biosand for Sand Polishing Filters

We supply non crushed silica percolation sand from natural sand deposits which is round in shape. Our biosand is in use for over 15 years and has proven to stand the test of time.

Key benefits of our biosand:

● Independently tested by an accredited certification house
● Both grades for stratified sand filters and intermittent filters
● Complies with EPA code of practice table 10.2, 2009 and 2021.
● Constant research and development
● Round in shape to prevent any clogging
● Regular in house testing to ensure D10 and (UC) uniformity coefficient.
● Hard Silica Sand (sands high in silica are high on the Moh scale)

Never needs to be replaced

Nationwide delivery in bags or bulk for larger commercial jobs.

Give us call at 0862600438 or email wquaid@gmail.com for a price.

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Download: Stratified Sand Polishing Filter Schematic