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low pressure pipe networks

Soil Polishing Filters and Raised Percolation Areas.

Percolation Supplies percolation soil is a sand based economical engineered soil blended to achieve good bioreaction (adsorption), good filtration and self aeration for superior final polishing and treatment of effluent never loosing these properties through mechanical movement, compaction or wet weather conditions.

soil polishing filters
soil polishing filters

Percolation Soil

Our percolation soil is tested pre delivery with typical T/P values of 5 to 15, but also sieve and hydrometer tested to ensure correct particle distribution to prevent preferential flowpaths. It fully complies with EPA code of practice regarding importation of soil.

Soil polishing filters can be supplied and fitted with:

  • Gravity fed systems in KIT form including perforated piping, Geo, adjustable distribution boxes etc.
  • Designed pumped discharge or LPPN Low pressure pipe network systems with-
  • Site specifically designed using Usepa.
  • Orifice formulae.
  • Flushing System-Easy access for maintenance.
  • Design proposals and Certification.
  • Supplied with coloured coded pipework and easy to fit diagram
soil polishing filters