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Irelands Largest Supplier of Sand Polishing Filter Materials

Percolation Sand

We supply biosand for sand polishing filters to many leading suppliers and manufacturers of wastewater treatment systems throughout Ireland.
Sand polishing filters are ideal for small sites as they have a small footprint, or sites with very low levels of soil.

Percolation Supplies have supplied the materials in many large sand filters throughout Ireland mainly schools and nursing homes, but mostly private houses to which they are becoming very popular mostly due to the small footprint and less material required versus soil polishing filters that require usually a large mound in the garden, thus they are more cost effective (1 load of sand versus 10 loads of certified soil).

The quality of Percolation Supplies filtration sand is controlled by both in house mechanical sieve analysis and hydrometer analysis, we can supply biosand for both intermittent and stratified sand polishing filters.

The sand grain-size is fundamental to the operation of the filter, affecting the quantity of wastewater that may be filtered, the rate of filtration, the penetration depth of particulate matter and the quality of filter effluent.
Filter efficiency does not depend on grain-size alone, but also on the degree of sorting or the uniformity coefficient of the sand used in the filter.

A (Uc) uniformity coefficient of less than 4 guarantees a well sorted filter minimising the problem of saturated zones created by abrupt textural changes which can limit oxidation, this can then promote clogging and reduce the action of the filter to a mere straining mechanism.

Therefore it is of the utmost importance to use the correct sand as media.
The course and fine silica sands that we supply are a natural product out of the ground (not Crushed) crushed quarry products or glass tend to bind back together, the sand we use is round in shape and cannot bind together over time which reduces the output of the filter, also it is proven that silica sand takes much more Phosphorus (P) out of the effluent than any other material used in sand filters, Phosporus (P) is the worst pollutant of our lakes and rivers. Our sand is as per table 10.2 EPA Code of practice 2021 and all grades are
certified by an accredited certification house for use in sand polishing filters.

  • Intermittent sand filters
  • Stratified sand filters

Sand Filter Kits

Supply only or Fitted

Our Biosand can be supplied in a complete kit including:

  • Pre Fabricated plywood box to suit any sized polishing filter.
  • Low pressure pipe(LPPN)networks with-
  • Site specifically designed using Usepa.
  • Unique Orifice shields to go over each hole protecting stone blockage and biomat buildup.
  • Flush valves on the end of each lateral for maintanance housed in valve boxes for ease of access
  • Design proposals and Certification.
  • Supplied with easy to fit diagram

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