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Quality Blended Top Soil

Percolation Supplies topsoil is multipurpose, screened and of sandy loam classification, blended with compost to ensure fertility and sterilised to make sure its weed free. We have been supplying landscapers, garden centres, householders and local authorities for many years and with their help we have come up with the proven product we have today.

Our topsoil blend has been tested with Teagasc to control quality. Its nutrients status is as follows:

  • A mid range PH
  • Phosphorus (P) High Index(4)
  • Potassium(K) High index(4)
  • Magnesium(Mg) High Index(4)
  • Total organic matter(OM) 4.6%

So there is no need to add lime or compound fertiliser to bring up PH or (P) and (K) levels.

All composts used are from registered composting facilites, the compost originates from green garden waste( hedge clippings etc) and food waste from brown bins.

We will deliver to you, from our County Wexford location, topsoil that is suitable for all horticulture and garden requirements that is dry and easy to work with.