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Septic Tank Bristle Filter

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Septic tank percolation areas have a shorter lifespan if the septic tank does not have an outlet filter, the problem being the amount of suspended solids – little bits that float around – in the effluent that comes out of the septic tank.

The only part of the ground that actually ‘soaks away’ the liquid are the air spaces between the soil particles. The smaller the percolation soil particles, (soils with clay or silt as part of their structure) the smaller the air spaces in the soil and the faster they block with these suspended solids.

Septic tank bristle filters trap these particles and prevent them from clogging the percolation area.

We highly recommend fitting one of these to save your percolation area.

Benefits of Septic Tank Bristle Filters

  • Easy installation – just push into the outlet pipe.
  • Easy and economical to maintain
  • Excellent filtration for solids, including toilet paper, hair, lint, etc.
  • Bristles self lock into place to prevent filter float up
  • Longer filter life because debris is sorted by size
  • Can be washed out, but cheap enough to be disposable
  • For use in residential, commercial and other applications
  • Independent testing proves that they trap far more solids than slot filter
  • Fits in outlet T piece