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Fuel and Oil Separators

Klargesters range of fuel and oil separators, designed and manufactured in Ireland, ensure high performance across a range of applications – carparks, roadways, fuel distribution depots, vehicle workshop forecourts and truck washes. Surface water drains normally discharge to a watercourse or indirectly into underground waters via a soakaway. Contamination of surface water by oil, chemicals or suspended solids can cause these discharges to have a serious impact on the ground water. Oil separators are installed on surface water drainage systems to protect receiving waters from pollution by oil, due to minor leaks from vehicles and plant.

We supply the following Klargester Fuel and Oil Separators Range:

Full retention separators, for use in high risk spillage areas such as fuel distribution depots, vehicle workshops and scrap metal recycling yards.

Bypass separators, for use in areas where there is an acceptable risk not to provide full treatment for high flows, due to the lower risk of overflow as a result of large spillages or heavy rainfall occurring at the same time. Typical applications for bypass separators include surface carparks, roadways and lightly contaminated commercial areas.

Forecourt separators, for installation in petrol filling station forecourts, car breaker yards and similar applications. The function of the separator is to intercept hydrocarbon pollutants such as petroleum and oil and prevent their entry to the drainage systems, thus protecting the environment against hydrocarbon contaminated surface water run-off and gross spillage. Forecourt separators are full retention separators specified to retain on site the maximum spillage likely to occur on a petrol filling station.

Washdown separators, used in areas such as car wash and other cleaning facilities that discharge into a foul drain, which feeds to a municipal treatment plant. The washdown separators are suitable for car wash, tool hire depots, truck cleaning and construction compounds cleaning points.

Grease Separators, designed to effectively and hygienically separate fats, oils and grease (FOG) from wastewater flow and therefore into local sewer networks, preventing pollution and fines. These grease separators would be ideal for businesses preparing food for commercial consumption such as; hotels, hospitals, restaurant chains, canteens, university campus’, public houses and other similar applications.