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Klargester Aquabank Septic tank

The aquabank is suitable for single residential applications. It uses cohesive design with the system controlled by a pump, with options for either direct or gravity fed applications. It’s a highly intuitive system – easy to use with no need for a control panel, display panel or depth sensor. Manufactured from strong GRP material, Aquabank is a complete ‘kit in a box’ – easy to install and the smart choice for your home’s rainwater harvesting needs. For home and garden use, the Aquabank is available in capacities between 1,000 and 6,000 litres.


Features and benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Simplified system designed for rapid installation
  • Quick start set up procedure
  • ‘Kit in a box’ set of key components
  • Easy conversion to gravity system with header tank
  • Minimal energy use in operation
  • Fully compliant – designed in accordance with BS EN8515
  • Cost effective
  • Minimal energy use in operation
  • Simple to maintain, especially with one of our service and maintenance plans
  • Designed in accordance with BS 8515


System of parts include:

  • Intelligent pump
  • Pump filter
  • 3m supply hose
  • In-line filter
  • Solenoid and Tundish (Direct system only)

Download: Aquabank_Spec_Sheet

Additional information


1000 litres, 2800 litres, 3800 litres, 4600 litres, 6000 litres