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Klargester Bioficient+ P10 wastewater treatment system

3,727.00 ex VAT

The Klargester BioFicient+ P10 is a highly economical and reliable solution for your domestic sewage plant treatment needs. With low running costs, the BioFicient is easy to maintain.

Features and benefits

  • Suitable for shallow-dig installations, saving on-site installation time
  • Monitor and control
  • Minimal visual impact
  • High performance, efficient treatment technology
  • Excellent ammonia reduction (0.4mg/l)
  • Conforms with NIEA 95% BOD removal
  • Compliant with Building Control Part H – SR66:2015 – a requirement for all domestic sewage treatment plants in Ireland
  • EN 12566-3 tested and approved
  • Designed in compliance with the EPA Code of Practice
  • Suits an 8 bedroom house (EPA code of Practice)
  • 3 year warranty

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The Klargester BioFicient+ range is part of our new generation of single package sewage treatment plants. This compact unit comprises of three treatment zones within a ‘uni-tank’ design. Offering affordable installation, low running costs, and an unobtrusive profile, to suit occupancy up to 10 people.

How the Klargester BioFicient+ works

The moving aerated media process used is a compact development of the traditional biological process and provides a more effective and complete means of reducing the loads.
1. Raw sewage gravitates to the unit where it is received in the primary settlement zone. Here, gross solids and other social debris settle to the bottom of the tank where they remain until the tank requires desludging.  Settled sewage is displaced from primary zone and enters the first of two sequential moving aerated media reactors.
2. Media and liquid circulation in each zone is achieved through the use of a compressor and diffuser, which introduces fresh air into each compartment. The liquor is constantly re-circulated and contacts the moving media and as it does so, it is purified by the micro-organisms (biomass) growing on the surface of the media and within the moving liquor. Excess growth of biomass is shed as solid particles into the liquor.
3. The final settlement tank is where humus solids settle to form sludge.  At preset intervals, portions of the sludge and liquor are returned to the primary tank for additional treatment.
4. Final effluent is displaced from the final settlement tank. With regulator approval, it is suitable for discharge to the percolation area. 
klargester bioficient+ P10
klargester bioficient+ P10

Bioficient P10 pumped outlet drawing

Bioficient p10 gravity