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Klargester BioTec P6 Wastewater treatment system

2,270.00 ex VAT

The Klargester BioTec P6 is fully compliant with EN12566-3, this domestic sewage treatment system is designed to suit any domestic application. The system employs the unique aerobic trickling process technology to filter and treat the sewage. This treatment system is suitable for up to a 4 bedroom house.

The BioTec BTA sewage treatment system is easy to install, with low maintenance and running costs and a 2 year warranty period (when registered online) for peace of mind.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Affordable running costs at £147 per year*
  • Easy to install and maintain with annual desludging
  • Improved effluent quality with higher BOD and TSS removal than older BioTec models
  • 2 year warranty (terms apply)
  • BOD – 96.2%, SS – 97%, Ammonia – 82.4%
  • Fully CE marked in line with CPR 2013 and EN 12566-3 tested and approved
  • Comes with 2 inlet invert options
  • SR66:2105 Compliant

*Based on a 6PE BioTec model/unit cost of 0.216p per KwH and daily power consumption of 1.5KwH

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